PTO » Teacher Appreciation Week 2021

Teacher Appreciation Week 2021

Teacher Appreciation week is the first week of May.  
This past year we have been reminded how hard our teachers and staff work at OLG.  
We are inviting all parents and students to show their appreciation to all their teachers and staff by taking a moment and writing a message on their virtual board.  
Each teacher and staff member has a “padlet” (virtual board) dedicated to them.  
You may leave your message, gif, and or picture from now until Sunday,May 2nd.  
This will allow time for our PTO Board to finalize the virtual board and present it to each of the teachers and staff.  
Follow the links below to leave a thoughtful note to your OLG Teachers and Staff:
Mr. Ambriz
Mrs. Baker
Ms. Arceneaux 
Mrs. Hall
Ms. Janet Eisenreich
Mrs. Irvine
Mrs. Coulsell
Mrs. Romero
Ms. Herbert
Mrs. Rodarte
Ms. Cathleen Flores
Ms. Smith
Mrs. Quinones
Mrs. Batarse
Ms. Renata Dobrucki
Mrs. Roberson
Ms. Lamb
Mr. Ferris
Mr. Weiser
Ms. Dzyak
Mrs. Franchino
Ms. Lisa Thomas
Coach Fisher
Mr. James Stadtler
Ms. Catherine Mendez
Mrs. Caroline Wilson
Ms. Ellison Custodio
Ms. Emma Fortun
Ms. Michelle Trejo
Ms. Rebecca Lopez
Mrs. Patricia Aubuchon
Mrs. Linda Arriola
Ms. Maria Reynoso
Mrs. Virginia Reveles
Mr. Jose Jimenez
Mr. Simi Lopez