** A free Live Scan Fingerprinting session is scheduled to take place at Our Lady of Grace Parish Church on Friday, September 29, 2017. **  If you would like to be fingerprinted that day, please call Ms. Peterson at 818-344-4126, ext. 330 to select an appointment time.  Appointments fill up quickly.  If interested, please call soon.        
    The below links are calendars to download and print that contain detailed information about the dates, hours, and addresses of FREE fingerprinting locations in all five regions of the L.A. Archdiocese.  Phone numbers are included with each site listing, in order for you to schedule your own appointment for fingerprinting. 
    All persons utilizing the archdiocese free fingerprinting program must call the phone number noted for the selected site to schedule an appointment in advance.  Appointments are necessary to facilitate smooth operation in the field.  The archdiocese appreciates that every school wants to cooperate fully with their policies to provide a safe environment.  They are aware that fingerprint appointments can sometimes be difficult to find because the schedules fill up so quickly.  For this reason it is best to call for an appointment as early in the month as possible.  Once scheduled, it is important to keep your appointment; or call in advance to cancel an appointment you've made but will not be able to keep.  This allows others to be fingerprinted.
    Each L.A. Archdiocese fingerprint location has forms that applicants will complete on site.  One copy is kept by the fingerprint operator and one is for the applicant's record as proof of compliance.  A copy of your completed "Request for Live Scan Fingerprinting" form should also be submitted to the school office for our records.    
    Thank you for your commitment to protecting the children.
    You may click on the following links to obtain copies of the L.A. Archdiocese Live Scan Fingerprinting Calendars: