• 2018 Summer Reading 

    Incoming First Graders:

    Dear Incoming First Grade Students,

    I am so excited to have you in my class!  I know that we are going to have a great time this year and that before we get started your summer will be full of adventures.  Over the summer, you will be reading David Goes to School by David Shannon.  Remember, an active reader is an engaged and successful reader.  In addition to reading the book, please complete the following: 

    Required Reading:

    David Goes to School by David Shannon

    The story centers around David and his first day of school.

    Circle Map: 

    Define in Context – Students will define how, what, and why rules are important to us in school after reading David Goes to School. 

    Each circle map must include:

    ·       Point of View (POV)

    ·       Source (who the information is coming from – the student)

    ·       Center circle is completed with what we are defining

    ·       Larger circle is filled with how we define the center circle – words, pictures, and drawings are all acceptable


    Bring the circle map with you to class on the first day of school.  The materials will be checked and we will use them to complete a baseline writing assignment.




    Example of a Circle Map:

     Circle Map Example

    Circle Map for David Goes to School 

    To download and print a copy of this Summer 2017 Reading Assignment, please click on the following link: