Bienvenidos a la Clase de Español!
    Hello Parents and Students,
    My name is Catherine Mendez and I am your new Spanish teacher.  I taught Spanish and French at Pinecrest Middle School in Woodland Hills for 13 years.  I am oringinally French.
    I studied Spanish starting in  Junior High, High School and continued through college until I completed my Bachelors in Spanish at CSUN.
    I have always had a passion for languages. That is why teaching gives me the opportunity to share that passion with my students.  My method of teaching is not only learning the grammar and the vocabulary but provide the students with the opportunity to thoroughly practice the language.  Students will be able to understand and convey information about themselves such as family, friends, home, health, school, likes and dislikes, shopping for clothes and so much more.  Converse in face-to-face social interactions. 
     We will discuss the importance of the culture as you are learning the language through music, art, Geography and history.
    TK And Kindergarden is the perfect time to start learning Spanish.  The language must not be forced, it must be fun and natural and the more exposure the better the child will be motivated.
    So please encourage your child to practice and use the learned language at home.  I will send simple activity worksheets home so that parents can do them at home with the child. Music,books, games, activities and videos will be used to introduce and reinforce the languague.
    As we progress from kndergarden through the coming years students will become familiar with the Spanish language and feel confident using the language to communicate.  
    I look forward to teaching Spanish to all of your children through the coming years and I know this will be a great adventure for all of us here at Our Lady of Grace.
    Gracias a todos.
    Sra. Mendez