Physical Education with Coach Fisher

Learning about the brain in March.
Let's talk about mental health Lions. How do you feel today?
PE classes will be focused on our BRAINS and how to keep them safe and healthy.
Five reminders for a healthy, happy brain.
1. Wear a helmet when riding your bike.
2. Physical activity.
3. Eat a healthy diet.
4. Get plenty of sleep.
5. Do puzzles, read, solve problems to keep your mind sharp.
Let's Go LIONS!!
This month we celebrate the heart! PE classes will explore the heart and cardiovascular system with weekly videos, exercise and the Jump Rope Plankapalooza Challenge!
Let's not forget to celebrate Black History Month with this PE activity!
Valentine's Week Heart Healthy Food Tabata Workout!
Tips and Tricks for a Healthy Heart!
The Human Heart - how it works, how to keep it happy and healthy!
What's your 2021 goal?
With some planning, hard work and discipline you can make your dream a reality!
Aim high Lions! Let's get to work.
One way to make a vision board for your 2021 goal. 
"I am" statements to boost our Lion pride.
December Discipline of mindfulness using meditation to practice calming, focused, thoughtful breathing.
These are guided meditations, mindfulness lessons and breathing practices our Lion's will use this month.
Be well and stay safe - Coach
November brings gratitude, health and FOOD! Our OLG Lions will be learning, discussing and practicing the USDA's My Plate lessons.
Vegetables, Fruits, Whole Grains, Proteins and Dairy
Healthy Eating Made Easier with Food Groups from the Healthy Eating YouTube channel.
Choose My Plate Dietary Guidelines from the ACI Specialty Benefits YouTube channel.
And from one of my new favorite finds for our OLG Lions,
Healthy Eating: An Introduction for Children 5-11 from the Eat Happy Project YouTube channel.
Their series of videos are fantastically informative, well done and fun to watch. I encourage our families to explore this channel in particular as they have many resources for the whole family.
For our TK - 2nd graders please see the video below as well as the Eat A Rainbow pdf under the Choose My Plate to the right. We will be talking about eating a rainbow the first of November!
Week of Oct. 26, 2020
To celebrate this week of happiness and bravery Coach Fisher is taking OLG students back to her roots as a tap dance teacher! Inspired by a Facebook post from Tap Uganda, a non profit arts education organization, Coach plans to work on students rhythm, coordination, counting and sequence while having a whole lot of fun!
This video caught my eye on Facebook - inspiring.
Below is what the students will be learning this week - a simple beginning progression
that they can practice with the students of Uganda - have fun.
From beginning tappers to a couple of the all-time greats from the classic, "Singin' in the Rain"
Gene Kelly and Donald O'Connor, Moses Supposes......a Coach Fisher fav!
Week of Oct.19th 2020
Kinder - 2nd grade will be learning about the skeletal system as well as getting ready for Halloween by moving and grooving with some spooky, skeleton friends!
3rd - 8th grade will be using their PE Prediction worksheet again this week with modified activities.
Everyone will be practicing their jump rope skills too!
Don't forget to check out the Darebee October Push Up Challenge >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Check out this Jump Rope Club - these kids are AWESOME.
Keep practicing your jump rope skills Lions!
Week of Sept. 28, 2020
Yoga Week at OLG! 
Focus on flexibility, breathing, balance. 
Teen Yoga for Jr. High
Rainbow Yoga for 3rd - 5th grade
Cosmic Yoga for Kinder - 2nd grade
Beginning Pilates mat for our older students.
For our older students check out Group HIIT on YouTube for these at home workouts!
YouTube has so many wonderful outlets for PE activities for you to use at home as a brain break. Students and parents may enjoy this beginning yoga class offered by Yoga Ed. Everybody BREATH!
More to come - miss you all,
Coach Fisher
Beginning yoga ages 3 - 5 yeas old
Beginning yoga ages 6 - 8 years old
Beginning yoga ages 9-10 years old
Beginning Yoga ages 11-13 years old
LET'S GET MOVING LIONS! These fun videos should do the trick! Please pace yourself and make sure you have enough room to try all the moves. Elevate you heart rates today! When we're back in PE class at OLG we can do these routines together!
Don't forget to hydrate.
Coach Fisher
TK - 2nd grade fun - "Move It!"
3rd - 5th grade Choreography challenge! You can do it - "Come On!"
Zumba Dance Party!
Junior High - 30 Minute Hip-Hop Fit Workout  = TOUGH
Happy weekend Lions
Find time to relax, meditate and slow down.
Breath deep - visualize peace and health
With gratitude,
Coach Fisher
Good morning LIONS! 
This is Joe Wick and he has some easy to follow 5 minute workouts on YouTube.
Great to get the wiggles out but make sure you have enough room to move in your home.
Keep breathing, smiling, and laughing.
Coach Fisher
Move the furniture out of the way and let the games begin!!
Jr. High Assignment
Share Your Meal
Over Thanksgiving break plan, shop and prepare a meal for your family using the 5 food groups. Take a picture, write the breakdown and email in for credit! Be deliciously, creative Lions!!
Week of Nov. 2, 2020
This is the month of gratitude, health and FOOD! Students will be learning about the USDA's My Plate and the 5 food groups.
The videos presented to the students can be found on the left of this page and the work sheets are in pdf form below. 
TK - 2nd - Eat A Rainbow 
3rd - 5th - My Plate Plan Menu
6th - 8th - My Plate, Myself
PE Predictions:
3rd - 6th graders please print out the PE prediction sheet to use in class the week of Oct. 19th.
Good afternoon 7th and 8th grade families,
Since the 7th and 8th grade do not have PE this week because of the parent teacher conferences they still need to finish the 2nd round of PE predictions, a modified version and submit it for credit by Friday, Oct. 23rd. Attached please find a copy of the modified PE Prediction form to print out and use sometime this week. 
1 minute timed modified exercise:
Seal Jacks
Sitting Twists
Sprinter Lunges
Shoulder Taps
High Knees
Jump rope
(See attached 7th/8th grd. homework pdf.)
If students are not sure of the modified exercises they may check the video library from, this is the link.
Students completed Attempt 1 last week (10/12) they need to complete Attempt 2 this week (10/19) on their own.
Students need to email the completed form to Coach Fisher by Friday, Oct. 23rd for PE credit at [email protected]
Heart Rate Exercise Log Assignment
7th grade due 10/13
8th grade due 10/14
6th grade 10/15
Jr High Students
Below please find and print out the Heart Rate  Exercise Log and be ready to discuss and begin entries this week, 9/29, with Coach Fisher.
Print and fill in the chart below with words that relate to our SLE STAY FIT.
STAY FIT worksheet due the week of Sept. 21.
This website offers a variety of workouts at all different levels. 3rd - 8th grade OLG students will be introduced to DAREBEE during PE class and will be exploring different fitness options this year.
Below check out some current and future warm ups and workouts we'll be doing.
Hello TK - 2nd grade families!
Below please find two different files. One called Things I Can Do For Exercise and a fun Exercise Log your students can fill out and share with me once we're back at school. The goal is to get in at least 60 minutes of activity a day. 
Hello 3rd - 5th grade families!
Below please find two different files. One called Things I Can Do For Exercise and a weekly Exercise Log your students can fill out and share with me once we're back at school. The goal is to get in at least 60 minutes of activity a day.