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Emergency Preparedness

Our Lady of Grace School has established emergency procedures in place, prepared in conjunction with Diocesan directives. Our disaster preparedness plan includes:

  • Monthly emergency preparedness drills. Our faculty and students participate in monthly drills for fire, earthquake, and major disaster situations.
  • Earthquake drills during which all persons on campus practice safe “duck and cover” procedures in conjunction with safe evacuation of building procedures.
  • “Lock-down” drills in which all persons on campus secure themselves.
  • Purchasing and maintaining disaster preparedness supplies, including, but not limited to:  sanitation supplies, first aid supplies, and food and water for up to three days.
  • Providing school personnel with first aid and CPR certification courses.

Procedure for Students/Staff in Case of Earthquake:

  • Teachers initiate Drop and Cover Drill.  Students are instructed to get under desk/find cover away from windows and to protect the back of their heads and necks.
  • Students are evacuated to student control center where roll is taken.  Students are supervised by assigned teachers for the duration of the emergency event.
  • Principal sets up Command Post to communicate with all stations.
  • Assigned school staff inspect the school plant and shut off electricity, gas, and water as needed.
  • Search and rescue sweep of the school campus is performed by assigned staff.
  • First aid station is set up by school staff. 
  • Assigned school staff supervise orderly pick-up of students by parent/responsible adult.  In case of emergency, all students must be signed out by parent or responsible adult.  No student will be released to an adult who is not listed on the child's Emergency Card.  Adults must show proof of identity when picking up a student.  

Procedure for Parents in Case of Emergency:

  • Stay calm.  Emergency plans are in place and emergency procedures are being followed at Our Lady of Grace School. 
  • Please do not phone the school.  Telephone lines may be needed for emergency communication.
  • Listen to the radio.  Turn on KNX 1070 AM or KFWB 980 AM for emergency announcements.  If students are to be kept at school, radio stations will be notified.
  • The school will use its text messaging service, if it is available, to advise and update parents.
  • All persons on campus will be gathered in the upper middle parking lot.  Students will be sitting with their classes under the direct supervision of their assigned teachers.
  • If parents are able to get to the school, they should report to school personnel at the front gate near the school office. They will unite you with your children.  You must sign your children out on their Emergency Card, so we have record of the release.
  • If you are unable to get to the school, your child(ren) will be released to the responsible adult that you have authorized on your emergency card.  They must sign your child’s Emergency Card, so we have record of the release.
  • The process of signing out a student during a grave emergency may take time.  We will be grateful for your patience.