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School Improvement Drive

2020 School Improvement Drive
The OLG School Improvement Drive looks at our school and highlights projects that we, as a community, can tackle with a shared effort for the benefit of our children. Families who participate in our School Improvement Drive will be honored annually on the Our Lady of Grace School Giving Tree. The Giving Tree, which graces the entryway to our school courtyard, is a visual reminder of the power of grateful giving – from the little or abundance we have. Gifts will be acknowledged on the Giving Tree in four colored leaves. Gifts or commitments received after August 31, 2020, will NOT be acknowledged with a leaf.
Donations to our 2020 School Improvement Drive can be easily made through your school FACTS account or using our online form.
$200 Green Leaf Level - $40 per month for 5 months
$300 Orange Leaf Level - $60 per month for 5 months
$500 Red Leaf Level - $50 per month for 10 months or $100 per month for 5 months
$1,000 Gold Leaf Level - $100 per month for 10 months of $200 per month for 5 months
School Improvement Drive Update
We would first like to thank all those families and friends who supported last year’s SID. This drive allows us to continue to enhance our school for our current students and for the generations of OLG students to come. With support from our school families and friends, we were able to continue classroom renovations in the middle school, particularly with rooms 8 and 9 which were completely renovated including new furniture for each, and room 7 which received all new furniture. We thank all our families who made this possible. Contributions for this year's SID will be collected between July 20 through August 31. This will ensure that we have funds available for this year’s planned improvements of the computer lab, and rooms 6 and 7. We thank you all for your continued support of OLG and its students.