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School Improvement Drive

2023 School Improvement Drive


The new school year has begun and our 2023-2024 School Improvement Drive work has been completed.  This year’s improvements included a new security fence around our back-office windows, beautiful wrought iron fencing on the front doors of the school, and new windows on all east-facing and south-facing classrooms. These beautiful new windows help with climate control and noise levels in the classrooms. In addition, these new windows have special laminate hardening materials applied that make them anti-ballistic and anti-theft. This special laminate was also placed on all classroom door window inserts and other select areas of campus to harden them against active threats.  


As of today, all work has been completed, and we are short about $55,000 on this year’s SID as a result of the large, but important scope of work that was completed. We encourage families who are able, to prayerfully think about contributing more to this campaign so that we can realize the SID goals for this new school year.


Thank you, again, for your continued commitment to Our Lady of Grace! We hope you will take this opportunity to support our school!