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Preschool Program for 2.5 to 4-year-olds
Designed to enhance children’s confidence, our developmentally appropriate practices foster physical, emotional, and cognitive growth in each learner. Our weekly plans and experiences build students pre-reading, pre-writing and pre-math skills through crafts/STEM, art, music and movement, group time and learning centers. Additionally, children have opportunities to observe, explore and appreciate nature through science and outdoor time.

Our learning centers are meant to provide opportunities for children to make choices among activities where they can work at their own pace and explore materials in meaningful ways. These learning centers are available during open classroom time and include manipulatives, arts & crafts, dramatic play, STEM (science, technology, engineering, math), language/literacy, sensory, block play, and more.

Children are exposed to new skills, concepts, age-appropriate activities, and opportunities for cooperative learning (e.g. stories, group discussions, music, songs, body movement) as well as mindful practices.  Group participation is an important time for teachers and children to discuss new topics, depending on the age group. Group time activities provide exposure to new skills, concepts, and simple problem solving that meet the needs of each individual learner. 


STEM- Our teacher facilitated hands-on experiences support critical thinking, vocabulary, problem solving, communication and reflection.

With our large outdoor climbing structure, child-size rock wall, jungle gym and ample running space children have lots of opportunities to develop their gross motor skills! They gain balance and coordination using tricycles, scooters, balls, hula hoops, and more. In the classroom we have daily music & movement activities to keep their bodies moving!

Fine motor skills are developed through use of manipulatives, sensory activities, and arts & crafts. These experiences help build fine motor strength and are essential for hand/eye coordination and help prepare preschoolers for future academic growth. 

Children are exposed to phonemic awareness, alphabetic principles, comprehension and vocabulary through concepts of print and books, and daily lessons on letter sound, letter recognition, and letter tracing. All of this is done using developmentally appropriate practices. 

Each child’s unique traits are respected and appreciated which in turn helps children develop trusting and positive relationships with their peers. 

Problem solving, sharing, cooperation, and decision-making are incorporated into our daily routing giving children life-long skills that help them build self-reliance and self-esteem. 

Dramatic play is a crucial part in a child’s development. These interactions allow children to explore different roles in scenarios from the world around them, enhance language development where children use and are exposed to new vocabulary as they act out various roles, express their thoughts and respond to their friends. 

Dramatic play is great for cognitive development, encourages problem solving and critical thinking and offers a safe space for children to express their emotions and is also great for physical development like fine motor skills. 

Children experience God’s love through stories from the Children’s Bible. The students follow the scripture’s model of living as members of Jesus’ family and learn the importance of helping and caring for others, making positive choices, and practicing good values. We follow Religion lessons in an age-appropriate fashion and follow with related activities. 

 Preschool includes built-in enrichment programming encompassing Music and Literature. 

During our Music & Movement lesson with our music specialist who comes to the classroom twice a week, the children have the opportunity to develop motor skills, coordination, balance, social/emotional skills, creative expression, rhythm, beat and tempo.

Our students get to enjoy visiting the school library weekly and have special story time with the school librarian.