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Our Lady of Grace School is proud of our long-standing Student Council program.  Our goal is to provide as many opportunities as possible for students to become leaders and realize their potential at an early age.  Mrs. Pat Baker, our Student Council moderator, has guided the Student Council for more than 20 years.
A summary of our Student Council program: 
  • Student Council is an active and important part of each school day at Our Lady of Grace!
  • Once an academic year begins, new officers prepare a Student Council activity calendar for the entire school year together.
  • All student activities are planned with permission from the moderator and principal.
  • Each of the fifteen officers are responsible for various important school duties designated for each Student Council position.  
  • The council officers meet once a week during lunch time to discuss and review student activities.
  • The class representatives meet once a month with the officers and report back to their classes about all upcoming activities.
  • The council plans, promotes, and presents a variety of fundraising activities throughout the entire school year.
  • These activities include monthly bake sales, a candy cane sale, Christmas raffle, Valentine grams sale, Easter raffle, and more.
  • Officers stand alongside school administrators to help present weekly Monday morning assemblies to students and their parents.   
  • Officers broadcast daily important announcements to the entire school each morning via the public address system.   
  • The four main officers are often called upon to be masters of ceremonies at important assemblies and several other school events.
  • After leaving Our Lady of Grace School, many former Student Council officers go on to become leaders in high school and beyond!

 A summary of the Student Council election process: 

  • Students are eligible to become Class Representatives beginning in grade 1, continuing through grade 8.
  • Classroom Representative elections are held at the beginning of each school year.
  • Two students from each class (grades 1 through 8) are elected by their fellow classmates to become class representatives.
  • Students may run for student body offices while they are in grades 6 or 7 (to become officers for grades 7 and 8).
  • Students must be in grade 7 to run for the four main Student Council officer positions and will hold those offices in grade 8.
  • The four main officer positions are president, vice-president, secretary, and treasurer.
  • Students request to run for office by submitting a "Petition to Run for Student Council Officer" form to Mrs. Baker.
  • Student Council officer elections are held in May of each year (to take office the following September). 
  • There is a one week campaign period for all students running for office.  Campaign week at Our Lady of Grace School is a very exciting time!
  • Students running for office create colorful and inventive campaign posters to display in the hallways and select "managers" to help campaign.
  • Students running for office must present a one to three minute speech at a special election assembly at the end of campaign week in May.
  • All students in grades 1 through 8 cast their ballots in their classrooms directly after the election assembly. 
  • The new Student Council officers are announced in the afternoon on election day. 
  • A special inauguration assembly is held the week after the new student council officers are elected. 
  • All newly elected main officers give inaugural speeches and the outgoing officers present farewell addresses at the assembly. 
  • A reception is held immediately after the inauguration to honor our outgoing student council officers and welcome our new ones.