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  1. How many Service Hours are we required to do?

Each family is required to do a minimum of eighteen(18) school service hours and twelve(12) Carnival Encino service hours.  This totals the required thirty(30) service hours.


  1.  How do I sign up to volunteer?  

Most events will be listed on "SignUpGenius".  Log in to their website and sign up as your schedule permits:  https://www.signupgenius.com/register


  1. What do I do after I have volunteered?  

At the event you work, you must (1) sign in with the person in charge and (2) report the hours you worked on Gradelink. 


  1. How do I report my hours worked? 

 Please report all hours through your Family Gradelink account (different from student account), via the website or app.


  1. What if my volunteer time was not on Sign Up Genius?  

If this is the case, please sign into Gradelink and manually submit your hours.


  1. What about credit for attending school meetings? 

The only school meetings that get a courtesy volunteer hour are PTO General Meetings and Back to School Night. First, make sure to sign in at the meeting.  After the meeting, log into Gradelink (Family account) and manually submit your one hour per meeting.  *** Only one hour of credit is given per family.***

In addition you can also get credit for attending your VIRTUS training class.  Three hours per family for your initial VIRTUS training class and 1.5  hours per family for your recertification VIRTUS class.  


  1. What if I have Parish (church) service hours to report? 

 Each family can report up to 15 hours (maximum) of Parish service to count towards the 30 hour total service  commitment for the school year.  Hours must be volunteered from August 1st through May 1st of the current school year.


  1. What do I type in the Supervisor Drop Down Menu?

Please type in the category your hours belong to.  The category will be posted in the Sign Up Genius post.  The categories will be SchoolParish, or Carnival only.


  1. What if I volunteer more then the required thirty hours?

All hours a family can volunteer are greatly appreciated.  Please continue to report all hours worked, even if you completed the thirty hours required.


  1. Can I donate hours to another family?

School families cannot donate hours to one another.  


  1. When is the deadline for me to complete my volunteer hours, to avoid being billed?

The required thirty hours must be completed and reported by May 1st of the current school year.


  1.  I signed in with the person in charge of the event, do I still need to go to Gradelink and report the hours?

YES, in order for your hours to be counted, you must (1) sign in with the person in charge and (2) report the hours through your Family Gradelink Account.


  1. I have two children enrolled at Our Lady of Grace.  Am I required to do sixty (60) service hours?

The thirty (30) service hours required are per family, not per student.  Therefore, each family at Our Lady of Grace is required to do at least thirty (30) service hours per school year.


  1.  I have volunteered thirty (30) school service hours.  Do I still need to volunteer at Carnival Encino?

YES.  All families are required to work at least twelve (12) service hours at Carnival Encino.  These hours must be volunteered during the Carnival weekend.  Please note: There are a few opportunities to earn Carnival hours outside of carnival weekend, so please read carefully the sign up genius post.  If it is not noted, then they are considered school hours.


  1. What do I do if I work and am not able to do volunteer hours?

There are many opportunities to do service hours during the week and weekends.  If for any reason, you still find it difficult to volunteer, you can have a family member do some or all of your service hours.  The only requirement is that all volunteers must be VIRTUS trained and have their certification on file in the school office prior to volunteering.





Email Volunteer Opportunity Questions to: [email protected]


Email Service Hour Reporting Questions to: [email protected]