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Mrs. Vanessa Tartaro

     I am so excited to be the art teacher at Our Lady of Grace! I have been immersed in the arts my whole life. As a child I took dance. That began my love for expression. As I got older, I fell deeply in love with fine arts and theater arts. I have been teaching art, dance, and theater for more than half my life. I have my BA in theater arts from California State University, Northridge and my Masters in teaching from the University of Southern California. 
     I find so much fulfillment in teaching children and using art as a guide to get in touch with expression, emotion, and education. Not only do I enjoy teaching, but I am also an artist personally and professionally. I have work showing in a gallery, have done commissioned pieces for clients, have painted utility boxes, contributed to community beautification projects, painted murals, have had my paintings, photography, and poetry published in multiple journals, websites, and magazines. I also have my first (hopefully of many) children's book coming out that recently got published. 
     I hope to motivate, enlighten, challenge, and impact the students that walk through the door into the art classroom. I hope to create a forum for imagination, creativity, and expression. My goal is to broaden the knowledge and emotion behind artistic creations of all kinds, and I am so excited to do this at OLG!
-Mrs. Tartaro


I wrote a book, and was the Artistic Director on it! Grab a copy on or It is wonderful and magical for children of all ages!