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As we prepare for our Sacred Triduum and Holy Thursday retreat, I'd like to share the following resources with all of you:
Music for Seder Meal (All three are beautiful!  Take your pick):
In Rememberance (Song) - (My personal favorite)
Last Supper Videos:
 Another good Last Supper video:
This is a GREAT song which tells the story of the crucifixion through the eyes of the penitent thief.  Good for the older children:
The Story of How Jesus Died for Children
Below is a really beautiful, touching, story, and then a song about Mary and her child Jesus, who grew up to be the Savior.
Mama's Love (2 minute story)  **Lower Grade Teachers - sometimes I will have the children color the picture they see in their heads while they are listening to this artist.  It could be a great quiet activity**
Pieta Song (8 minute song - should be played immediately after the story)
More Music:
Breath of Heaven (Instrumental) 
Let us Break Bread Together (Instrumental) 
Lux Aeterna