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PTO Board Members

2022-2023 PTO Board Member Directory
President - Jocelyn Patrick
  • Presides over all PTO meetings, oversees and is responsible for all PTO activities.
Vice President of Volunteer Reporting - Chandra Gallo
     Co-Chair of Volunteer
  • Maintains accurate account of service hours reported.
Vice President of Volunteer Recruiting - Cathy Salas
  • Oversees all Volunteer Recruitment.
Vice President of Fundraising - Julianne Solorzano
     Co-Chair of Fundraising
  • Oversees all PTO fundraising activities.
PTO Secretary - Yvette Medellin
  • Maintains written record of PTO meetings.
PTO Treasurer - Audra Walczak
  • Maintains accurate report of PTO Budget.
Hospitality Coordinators - Stephanie Bermudez & Cassandra Medina
  • Assists in coordinating hospitality activities.
Room Parent Coordinator - Desiree Navarro Dadag
     Co-Chair of Room Parent Coordinator - Desiree Abad
  • Organizes and oversees all room parent activities and communications.
Faculty Representative - Laura Arceneaux